Wedding Photography Style Guide.

Wedding Photography Shooting Styles

Every wedding has its own unique mood, a combination of theme colors and decor used at the event and a delicate aura of newlyweds' personalities. Each wedding photographer has two main goals while capturing an event. Not only we need to make sure we photograph all the main highlights and actions, we also strive to portray the mood and emotional atmosphere of that day as close as possible to what the couple had envisioned or experienced.

In order to capture all wedding highlights at its best it is necessary that a photographer knows and implies a combination of various techniques depending on the situation. Photographer's experience and personal preferences may or may not allow him/her to produce certain results, either through shooting techniques or through post production, or both. Thus, it is very important to get to know your wedding photographer's professional preferences and inquire about his or her experience. The more accurately you can imagine what results you want to get, the easier it will be to choose the right photographer.

Majority of wedding photographers incorporate several shooting styles and apply various editing techniques depending on the time of the day and specific action that is being captured. Nevertheless, some photographers prefer to stick to one or two editing techniques or shootings styles, and it is important to know what each of them is based on.

Always take into consideration and discuss with your photographer the settings and timing of your wedding day before making up your mind on any particular wedding photography style. Be honest and open with your photographer about your needs or concerns. No matter what style you tend to like more, teamwork and open communication are the main key to success!


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