Glamour Wedding Photography Style!

If you fancy glamour wedding photos from trendy magazines, then the stylized genre of wedding photography is for you. Glamour wedding photos are very dramatic and intriguing due to lighting, posing and the use of props and other photography gear. Unique, captivating, bold, intriguing, mysterious, all of those words perfectly describe such portraits. More often than not those photos are as well editorial and undergo color correction and detailed retouching to enhance the effect. Professionally taken glamour shots bring out the best in a person’s appearance and highlight his or her beauty, be it a physical beauty or outfit details. Glamour photographers look for perfect angles and set up lighting in a way that complements you the best. They look for or create a harmonious combination of light and surroundings and use it as a tool to highlight your outer and inner beauty.

Stylized wedding photos combine sensuality and elegance, and offer a vast variety of endless creative decisions. This style often includes an artistic component, a photographer will guide couples with posing, will use different lenses and special gear to create unique and striking looks. Glamour or stylized wedding images make unique masterpieces ideal for framing.

Things to remember:

  • Controlled environment is perfect for creating beautiful portraiture with its main goal – capturing your best looks with the help of professional posing and lighting. External lights, props, settings and editing might be used to achieve that goal.
  • These style creates photos with a "wow" effect. If that is the reaction you are looking to get from your near and dear, than glamour photography is the right choice for you.
  • Photographers specializing in this style are usually very creative, which might be ideal for brides who love to explore, experiment and surprise themselves and others.
  • Your wedding photos will have a guaranteed one of a kind look. Creative photographers don't usually stick to one and only editing technique that makes all their photos look alike.
  • This style of shooting takes more time and effort than a photojournalistic style. A couple may expect to be asked by a photographer to follow certain posing prompts or visit a specific location suitable for a photo. Your photographer will guide you throughout the event in order to achieve the best possible photographic results.

Need More Information?

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