Illustrative Wedding Photography Style!

Illustrative style is used by many photographers who want to step us and incorporate the beauty of the landscape and environment into the wedding scene. Illustrative photos tell a story through the use of interior and exterior details of the background (or foreground). Unlike many Glamour or Traditional photos, this style is perfect for showing Where and How, not just Who.

This style is all about relationships, between you and your partner, between you and your surroundings. Such photos are ideal for framing. The vastness and greatness of nature conveys the feelings of the couple, creating a harmonious scene full of love, gratitude and sense of belonging. The interplay of light and composition details is an integral part in each photo. If your wedding takes place in a scenic place, it is a rare opportunity for any photographer to incorporate this style and create something very unique.

Things to remember:

  • An eye of a professional photographer is trained to see beyond what a regular attendee of the wedding can observe. A photographer who mastered the art of lighting and composition can create a masterpiece in a seemingly ordinary environment. Therefore, do not get discouraged if your venue or reception place isn’t as charming as you wished it would be. Talk to your photographer and discuss your options before the wedding day. If you have a list of places you would like to visit, share it with your photographer or ask for advice.
  • Make sure your wedding timeline has some dedicated time for photos of just you two. Many photos that incorporate scenery require specific time of the day, therefore couples need to make sure they plan their day very carefully, haste makes waste.

Need More Information?

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