Photojournalistic Wedding Photography Style!

The main purpose of the Photojournalistic shooting style is to seize the moment and capture the raw emotions and feelings of all the heroes of the day. Photographs with the sense of "peeping", black and white pictures, tears of joy, happy smiles, split second emotional reactions - all of this is a result of a quality photojournalistic coverage of a wedding.

It is the most sincere style. It is chosen by those who do not want the photos to look staged and instead convey the mood and atmosphere of the moment. Photojournalism is essential when it comes to catching those precious moments of true joy, unexpected tears and emotions of wedding guests. This shooting style creates the illusion of presence, each photograph has a setting with its own little history and a specific emotional tint to it. Photos tend to be multidimensional with several main characters and their unique plot lines. Documentary photographers capture the wedding day as it is, in all its crazy and touching beauty and reality.

Things to remember:

  • No posing involved (besides traditional family photos upon request). Ideal for people who don't want to be distracted by a photographer throughout the day.
  • A perfect way to capture a true \"spirit\" of the couple with their genuine emotions and spontaneous reactions.
  • Documentary photographer is not being distracted by arranging setting/lighting/people for requested traditional shots, thus, he/she will be able to fully concentrate on paying close attention to people's interactions and getting more of those unique emotional photos.
  • When it comes to creating flattering portraits, it oftentimes requires directions, special lighting and posing. In order to create dramatic imagery experienced photographer focuses on a person's strengths (beautiful eyes, hair, long neck) and draws attention away from unflattering details (few extra pounds, wrinkles, double chin, etc.) Keep in mind, a documentary photographer does not alter lighting or posing, he/she captures you the way you are without much interference.

Need More Information?

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