Traditional Photography Style!

Traditional wedding photographers have everything that is considered the classic “golden” standard of wedding photography. The first kiss, the signing of the marriage license, the group and family photos, all of those essential moments will certainly be in your album. Traditional photographers focus first of all on the highlights of the wedding, which are undoubtedly very important. If these key images are enough for you, then the traditional photographer will surely meet your expectations.

Things to remember:

  • Controlled environment is better for families who mostly care about \"must have\" photos from the list with 200 items on it (bride kissing groom on the bridge, uncle Jack hugging the bride on the stage, flower girls throwing petals etc.)
  • Photographers specializing in this style are usually very creative, which might be ideal for brides who love to explore, experiment and surprise themselves and others.
  • The newlyweds might feel more \"secure\" and less anxious when they know/feel that everything goes along with the plan and someone is always there to navigate them through this new experience.
  • Classy and simple, this type of photography is ideal for brides who have a certain list of wedding moments that they wish would be captured in a specific traditional way. Posing people and waiting for specific events to happen limits a photographer in their creativity and will not leave much room for experimenting.

Need More Information?

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