Creative Portraits and Editorial Photography

Unlike lifestyle portraiture, stylized photo shoots are meant to break the boundaries of reality and everything ordinary and down to earth. Having a stylized photo shoot is a perfect getaway for everybody who is not afraid to experiment and play around. The theme and location for each session depends entirely on your imagination and purpose of the photo shoot. Almost all of the props for such sessions are custom made by me based on the idea that we discuss and brainstorm with you on the pre-shoot consultation.

Stylized photo shoot is an excellent gift for yourself or someone you love. Such sessions are always way more than just taking photos, it is an unforgettable experience that is always fun and memorable. These sessions allow people to look at themselves at a different angle, to become an actor for one day, to discover something in themselves that others might never noticed or even imagined. It is an excellent way for women to boost their self-esteem and take a little pleasant break from the burden of work chores and daily routine.

If you are open to new experiences and would love to get to know a new side of yourself, do not hesitate and contact me! I love to the bottom of my heart everything from weddings to newborn sessions, but stylized portraiture is where my soul is. I love to create imagery that carries the viewer away from the reality we are so used to. I love creating the scenes that are capable of conveying the emotional state of a character, portraits that make people want to pause for a second and feel. My head is always full of ideas and themes for such shoots, I'm looking forward to walk through your dreams and make them real!

Need More Information about Stylized Portraits?

Would you like to see more of our work? We have more samples available upon request. Please contact us directly with any questions or for more samples of our stylized portraits photography.