Lifestyle Portraits

At some point in time I'm sure you’ve heard some of your relatives or friends complaining: "I don't really have that many good photos of myself", or "I am not very photogenic". Surprisingly, in the era of selfies and affordable cameras people still stumble across a problem of not having a good quality portrait of themselves. But what defines a good portrait What is a value of one?

Portrait photography is extremely fascinating in its nature. The true meaning of portrait photography and images of self-stretches far beyond simple aesthetic beauty. I see portrait photography as an extremely valuable tool when it comes to reestablishing person’s self-esteem and growing/promoting?? self-acceptance.

More often than not our image of self is built off of a feedback we receive from others. You might argue here, and say that a feedback based on sole appearance is shallow and does not complement a person for his or her inner qualities. Yes, and no. I truly believe that within every individual lies an abundance of exceptional, unique characteristics and features that make each of us worth being loved and appreciated for. Those subtle characteristics of one’ nature always reflect in the way he/she moves, talks, in face features, eyes, the way that person smiles. A good portrait is a portrait that brings out the best of you by establishes that connection between your soul and body.

Unfortunately, at times we tend to concentrate on our flaws, problems, our loved ones, and forget about ourselves. But in order to give away kindness and beauty, you need to first feel it within yourself. Beauty is a two-way street. When you share it with someone, your soul feels with even more positive energy, giving you strength to go on through life and inspire other people to see that ray of light in themselves, and, in their turn, share it with many others. A gift of a portrait is an ideal way to let someone know how beautiful they are, inside and out!

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