Children Photography!

Children photography is without a doubt the most precious genre of all. The magic of child's dreams and that angelic, almost divine glow that shines in every child' eyes is capable of melting most rigid hearts and causing sudden tears of quiet joy.

Each and every day is a new victory, new skills are learnt, new memories are made, new hopes and dreams fill the child's heart as time goes by. Childhood isn't just a phase of development, it's not limited to numbers and sizes, it is a treasure island, the lost world, a place that contains the roots of everything you are today. There is something very magical about those old photos that fills our hearts with such an authentic joy 20, 30, 60 years later.

Childhood photos serve as a great inspiration and food for thought for both children and parents. How did time feel when you were 10? What were your hopes back then? Have you travelled all around the world as you thought you would? Built that castle? Won that battle? Have you accomplished all of your goals? Childhood is a magic and sacred place that holds secrets that us and our children will keep revealing throughout entire life. Give your child a gift, a gift of remembering.

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