Maternity Photography

None of the riches in the world can make a woman as happy as giving a life to her long-awaited child. For some of you it's been a long journey, but no matter what the past beholds, for each woman it is the most sacred time in her life. Those first few weeks in a woman's life are so special, you can even call them life changing. Priorities shift, values change. The world is still the same, the same news on TV, the same deadlines at work, everything is just the way it was before, and yet, deep inside every woman understands that things will never be the same. It is a very big step into unknown, a step that takes a lot of moral and physical strength, new habits, new knowledge. And yet, it is the best experience you'll ever go through. To the question "what is the best thing that ever happened to you," people most of the time reply with "my child".

Everybody knows how much maternity photos and memories mean to the mother, but often they can have an even greater impact in the life of a child. To me it is a message in a bottle each woman sends away into a future, to her child. Many years from now your child will be looking back at those photos and he or she will draw incredible strength from remembering how loved they were from the very beginning. It is an anchor point we keep coming back to, a source of hope, faith and inspiration throughout the whole life.

Smeyan Photography honors a chance to be a part of that magic time in your life. We offer a variety of packages that give you the opportunity to remember this time as beautiful as it was. Specializing in portraiture, we use that expertise to ensure that every woman looks and feels her very best during the session. Whether it is a studio session, outside or a home photo shoot, we have all the lighting, props and the outfit style bring out the best in you!

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